So I have this really cool opportunity…

One of the coolest things that has happened recently is this invitation to exhibit in the Home Grown 2013 exhibition from the Ipswich Art Gallery… can you picture it?


I am being asked if I want to exhibit – not the other way round – too cool!

Anyway – obviously I am going to grab this opportunity whilst I can – the only problem is that I can only submit two images for consideration…

Now, ordinarily this wouldn’t be a problem, it’s not like I lack ideas or anything… but this time those that exhibit in Home Grown 2013 will be considered for inclusion in a group exhibition to be held in the proper, real, big growed up artists Gallery – I mean this is a real big deal – it’s not a dinky hall (not that there is anything wrong with halls, I have exhibited in a few now) but it’s a real government run institution.

So naturally I want to put my best work forward… that is where the problem comes in…

What do I present as my best work?

Do I offer two different styles?  

Do I do two of the same style so that people will look at it and say “Yup that’s by Andrea”   … But then does that run the risk of me turning into that artist I didn’t want to be who is bound by a particular style of work?

Are these pieces that I want to “say” something with?  Or should I stick to my whimsical ideaology?

I am nervous and excited – and I am over thinking again…

I have an idea for the first piece, so I will stick with that.  Whilst I am working on it I am sure inspiration will whack me over the head and tell me what to create for the second piece…

After all, I want to create art work that I love, that would happily end up living on my walls… it’s just cool when others want to see it and like it too.

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