It seems that procrastination is just self-doubt in disguise.

I have been busy with a bunch of personal stuff recently.  I could quite comfortably use that as an excuse for not working on my art.  But, truth be told I have had plenty of opportunities to sit and create.

I have plenty of new ideas and even deadlines to work towards, and everyone knows that a looming deadline works as a great motivational tool.

But each time I walk past my desk, or into the studio for something or other, I find a dozen different reasons to not sit down and actually “DO” art.

I look at that sketch that I am going to turn into a new piece and a small voice says;

“You have to go clean that oven, remember?”

But it might as well have said:

“That won’t look very good”

And so the piece goes unstarted for a few days, till finally I look at the calendar and remember that deadline is just around the corner ….. eeeeekkkkkk …. a flurry of activity ensues ….

In the midst of this work my confidence returns, I feel good about what I am creating, I have this belief that the finished piece will be amazing and others will love it too.

And so it hits me, my procrastination has been a symptom of uncertainty.  I fell victim to that silly voice again.

Procrastination – I’m onto you fella!  You won’t catch me napping again!


One thought on “Procrastination

  1. Oh boy…do I relate to this! Mostly I procrastinate on my house work these days, then I feel so crappy living in a mess I don’t want to do my art. Deadlines are good motivators, but I don’t like the panic that ensues, so I try not to do that.

    I’ve been Spring cleaning the past two days. I feel better already!
    Procrastination…my nemesis! I’ve written a number of posts on this one. I heard it said once the definition of procrastination is like masturbation. Only one you screw is yourself! Makes sense to me!

    Great blog you have!


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