Today is “reset” day…

Today I had my needles…  I have just had over 30 injections into my forehead, jaw, skull, neck and shoulders.

I have an invisible illness.

I haven’t talked much about this journey … I am not very comfortable showing my vulnerability…  it doesn’t define me… but it does shape parts of my life.

Over the last 4 years I have suffered with severe chronic migraines, almost daily.

Early last year I had a turn and the migraine medications I was taking stopped working. After much angst and searching for answers I found a new neuroligist and we started botox therapy.

It is not fun.  It hurts.

A needle phobia means I feel physically sick before and during the procedure.  I get a dry mouth and sweaty palms.  If it wasn’t for the fact that my gorgeous husband drives me there and holds my hand I might not go.

I have to have these injections every 12 weeks.  Every 3 months I sit and cry and have my needles.

This time round I tried to be strong and stupidly put it off for a month – I pushed my appointment out to 4 months.  Not a good idea.

I am not a lot of fun when I get my migraines.  I am not as productive.  I don’t feel like doing much of anything.  So I have to suck it up and have my medicine.

It is not fun.  It hurts.  But it works.

Today was “reset” day.  I have just gotten home from having my needles.  I am going to bed to rest.

Tomorrow I might draw.

Tiny Dancer


4 thoughts on “Today is “reset” day…

  1. Thank you for sharing Andrea. I can sort of identify with how you must be feeling. I do not have pain but more of a balance thingy (the feeling of falling whilst walking)…. and… after 5 years searching for answers a neurologist now thinks it case of a vestibular disorder and silent migraines. Yes, and it’s hard to describe that to people sometimes.

    I hope things work out for you real soon.

    My positives are: I received two “pen and ink books” in the mail today and am pretty excited at trying my hand at some of the studies shown in the books. Yeah……
    Rendering in Pen and Ink : Arthur L. Guptill
    Pen & Ink Drawing: Alphonso Dunn

    Take care….Bart.

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