It is easy to be fooled into thinking that you are ok and then all of a sudden you are not.
It is funny how a smell will transport you to another time and place.  In an instant you are in the presence of familiarity, and then, sudden realisation of all you have lost rushes up to jump on your chest.
There has been a bit of this as we go through some of my mother’s things.  The grieving process is a delicate one and I am trying to be gentle with myself.
But sometimes it can feel like the universe is out to get me…
This year has been one of enormous change and I am trying hard to believe that there is a grand plan and good things will come from this.
In the mean time I am creating new pieces and earnestly working towards my first solo exhibition.
I am exploring new ideas and dabbling with different media.
I will find my new groove – I have no idea what it looks like just yet – I just trust that I will know when I find it.