Well, here we are – another year over and a new one waiting to blossom into existence.
My words for 2015 were “change” with “purpose”.
I did make quite a few changes on purpose – set goals and achieved them.  Entered more competitions, added colour to my pallet.  I also held my first ever solo exhibition, and I got a day job – on purpose :P.
Some of my favourite pieces from this year:


Native Australian Blue Bell

Limestone Street

Limestone Street


Ulysses Butterfly

Spirit guide

Spirit Guide

2016 will bring more fantastic opportunities with it.  I am eagerly waiting to see what the universe will deliver.
I intend on playing more in 2016 – by trying new and different ideas and materials I want to grow in my arts practise.  I also want to bring more balance to work/family/making stuff.  Having only been a working mum for a few short months I have a deep appreciation for those out there who do it on a day to day basis – you guys are heroes!  I don’t want to suffer from artist burnout or mental exhaustion so have to work out a way that I can wear all the hats I need to without any one of them being neglected.
So my words for this new year ( still stuck on having 2 words instead of one ) are “growth” and “balance”.
Let’s hope for an amazing and creative 2016!