Hello again… Wow, can you believe that its June!?
Half the year gone already.
I have had such an amazing 6 months!  Looking over some of the stuff I have been up to this year leaves me feeling proud but exhausted.
Still doing my day job, mum stuff and everything else I can to avoid laundry…
My art has kept me so busy this year.
Last time we spoke I was just finishing up some work for a mini solo “Homage to George”.
The two new pieces are amazing!
Lilly pond
Updating my resume made me realise that I have already had art exhibited in 7 different shows, entered 4 competitions, and have created new work for almost all of them!
I got a Highly Commended in Drawing at the Ipswich Art Awards, and was selected for the Online Gallery for the Lethbridge 10,000.
Highly Commended
A Chance Encounter2
But I’ve kept the most exciting news till last…..
I am so very proud to announce that I will be having a solo exhibition on the Stage in the Ipswich Art Gallery in October!!
I am so excited and still can’t believe it!
The theme will be building on my previous work in my “Mountain of Stars” solo last year, I am creating a series of work that will be exploring repeated patterns found in the natural and man-made environments.
Announcing “Echoes: Repeating patterns by Andrea Baumert Howard”
Expect to see more about this in the near future – in the mean time I will continue to be extremely excited/nervous/busy… and pinching myself …