I recently read somewhere on the interwebs that you should keep your goals secret.  Apparently the more people you tell, the less likely it is that you will achieve those goals.  I am not sure I agree with that ….
One of my long term goals has been to hold my own solo exhibition ….
I told a few people quite some time ago now that I wanted to do it and since then I have slowly but surely been working up to it.
Now I have told a few more people, booked a space, created more art and guess what?!
I  AM  HAVING  MY  FIRST  EVER  SOLO  EXHIBITION!  SQUEEEE!!  (insert enormous grin)
Nervous excitement ensues!
About 12 pieces are complete – with another 10ish planned.  There are essay’s to transcribe, invitations to design, blogs to write and more art to create.
I love the work I have been creating – it is all pointillism though – so if I look at you funny next time I see you, it might just be my eyes adjusting 😛
Here is a sneak peek of some of the work that will be showcased …
Origami Star I
The little red house
Knotted star I
Gum nut star collection
Notice a bit of a theme happening?
Yup – the five pointed star is the “star” of the show … These guys have been following me around for years and I am finally doing something with the idea.
I am creating a Facebook event so you can join us but I am also sending out real actual paper invitations to those that would like one.
Save the date – Opening night 7th August – Ipswich QLD.  Let me know.  Would be awesome if you could come.
(insert happy dance here)