And so time has marched on and behind the scenes I have been busy being a duck – cool and calm on the surface – paddling like mad underneath.
In the past few months all sorts of fabulous things have been created.
12 new original artworks.  Some of them enormous by my usual standard.  And as each one came to life on the page it became my newst best favourite.
I have continued with my experimenting and created some jewellery.
Copper wire sculpture has also become a thing – or should I say slight obsession.  2 new sculptures have just had me mezmerised.  I can see that the amount of time I will dedicate to this new idea will just grow from here.  The wire is so easy to work with and fire can be fun.
Delivery of artwork is only a week away.  They are currently being framed – I can’t wait to see what they look like when they are done!!
Preparations are just about complete.
My artist statement has had to be cut down – I forgot about word counts… But this is what I have been working my little butt off for…
Echoes: Repeating patterns by Andrea Baumert Howard
Repeated patterns dominate the organic environment.  We echo the designs found in nature when decorating or building our habitats.  Duplicating images is a practice used throughout history and across cultures.
The work in this exhibition explores these repeated patterns both in nature and as we have adapted them for use in architecture.
Drawing inspiration from all around:
When doing research for my botanical drawings I was intrigued by the way all of the pieces linked together.  It seemed that a single defining characteristic was overlayed, modified and repeated. 
With each repetition, each organism grew.
Architecture has always held a certain fascination and seeing the way patterns are repeated in buildings echoed what I witnessed in nature.   Even a simple brick wall can be seen as a work of art if you look at it the right way. 
In creating this work I am contrasting the way Mother Nature has created her patterns, with chaos and irregularities, and how humans have interpreted them, with straight lines, conformity and an attempt at perfection.
Technique reflects my inspiration:
I chose to use pointillism to create the work, echoing the theme through the very patterns I create.   
Stippling is a very meditative art form; it is relaxing and takes a lot of patience.  A single piece can take many hours to complete.  A steady hand is needed as a single dot in the wrong place can change the look of a whole piece.
From a distance these works can look like simple pencil drawings.  It is only when one gets closer it can be appreciated that there are no straight lines and the whole thing is composed of a series of dots.
By presenting these images in an unusual medium I hope to highlight the natural and inherent beauty of everyday organisms and objects – highlighting the magnificence that exists in the tiniest detail. 
The hard work is pretty much done – I can now relax a little till opening night.
Can’t wait to show you all my latest body of work – Echoes!