2017 has bounded in, full of joy and potential.
2016 was, shall we say, an interesting year.  It sucked personally for many health related reasons – which I will spare you the details of – but also was amazing in so many other ways.
I achieved many goals in 2016 and have resolved to accomplish some equally wonderful things this year.
My word for 2017 had eluded me right up until New Years Eve.
2016 words were “Growth” and “Balance”.  I certainly grew quite a lot last year – the balance thing is something I am still working on and one that may actually never really be attained.
“Nourish” is my word for the year.
I wanted something that encompasses all aspects of my life and the different parts I want to cultivate.
I intend to nourish my body and soul so that I can kick some of my health issues to the kerb.  I will be nourishing my relationship with myself and in turn this will benefit my family and friends.

For a long time I have had itchy feet – I have always wanted to travel.  My ideal place would be Europe, Paris etc. but in reality I may never get there.  So to scratch that itch I want to travel locally and visit as many art galleries as I can.  Some will be only an hour away whereas others may involve air travel.  This will nourish both my creative soul and stimulate the imagination.
Many of my crazy ideas have languished due to other deadlines or I feel that they are too ambitious for me to try my hand at.  This year will  be different.  I will embrace that out of the box thinking and nourish my creative side.
**Image Lost**
To that end I have already started fleshing out some of the madness.  Here is my very first attempt. These are some tiny heads that I sculpted with air drying clay – the smallest is about 5mm in diameter.  I used toothpicks and a pin head to carve these faces – sculpting tools may need to be a new years investment.  This was fun to play with and my kids enjoyed their clay time too – win win!  The final idea is a long way off yet – but I have to start somewhere.
I have also had a dream about some paper cutting ideas that need to get out of my head.
I am really excited for this year – more ideas, more creative fun, and nourishment.