It has been a couple of weeks since opening night for “Echoes; repeating patterns” at the Ipswich Art Gallery.
Overwhelmed is the best way to describe how it felt that night.
So many people, so many nice compliments. I left on such a huge high!
Coming back down to reality has taken a little while.  Luckily I had another opening the following week so I could come down slowly.
I haven’t created anything in nearly 2 weeks and my fingers are getting itchy…  Right now I am in the process of reorganising the studio and sketching up the next few pieces.  Have some great ideas that need to come out.
I’m playing with a new format for this site and working out what the next big step will be.
I want to take my art to the next level and am having fun working out what that will look like.
In the meantime, drawing and playing with wire will keep me busy 🙂