This past year has been unkind to me.
I would love to say that the universe sent me challenges that I was able to conquer.
I am not sure that would be true.
My words for 2014 were “change” and “purpose”.  How accurate that turned out to be.  Instead of writing about the fulfilled aspirations for 2014 I find myself rewriting the same list.
This time it is a different person writing that list.
I have a different outlook on life because the universe sent me those challenges.  I understand things from a different perspective.
I have the same aspirations as I had for the beginning of 2014.
Some were achieved, for example we are in our gorgeous new house with amazing studio space, some got started, and some were just left by the wayside.
This year I have added an extra one.
I intend to focus my creative energy towards a solo exhibition.
It is an idea that has been hanging around for a little while and now I think I have enough in me to produce a large body of work.  The inspiration behind the work is something that has been wiggling around my brain for over 8 years now and the original seed came from my childhood.
So, in line with the whole “change” and “purpose” idea, (change a bad habit and be a tiny bit more organised, and create work for the purpose of an exhibition),  I have started an art journal of sorts.  I am documenting all the little ideas to do with my exhibition theme and finding other scribbled notes from over the years and collating it all into one place.  It may sound silly but this is actually amazingly cathartic for me – it sends me another message that I am truly doing what I love because I have been doing it subconsciously for years already anyway.
I hope 2015 is the energetic, uplifting and positive year I need.
May the universe smile kindly on all of us.