Thought you might be interested…

So – I am going away for a few weeks… naturally this means that there is packing to be done.  I was going to take one of my favourite shirts with me but as the kids pointed out it is getting a bit worse for wear…

photo (20)

So I did what any normal person would do a couple of days away from departure… I painted me a new one!

I started by transferring the image to the new shirt. My tracing paper was too small so I used baking paper to copy the original and then carbon paper for the actual transfer.

Then I used a product I haven’t tried before.  Derivan Fabricart marker.  It is a double ended pen with fabric paint as the ink! Genius! And very easy to use.  One end has a bullet shape and the other is a chisel which makes the mark making very easy.

photo (22)

Next I used one of my acrylic paint brushes and Permaset Aqua Textile printing ink to fill in the colours…white first…

photo (21)

Then some red and pink…

photo (24)

Then back with the fabric marker to fill in the eyes, go over the black lines, and add the whiskers…

photo (23)

The image is heat set with a hot iron over a tea towel and then a quick wash.

The end result… one happy lady!

photo (19)

The whole project took about 2 hours (if you don’t count the washing and drying bit).  I am very happy with the way the paint and markers turned out on the fabric.

So much so that I would like to do more of this type of stuff – I am now wondering if I could do a bunch of star inspired fabric’s, calico bags, t-shirts, tea towels….. the possibilities are endless….

Stealing time…

I am a Mum.

I am an artist.

But I am a Mum first.

But I am an artist trying to carve out some sort of a career in between all the things that being a Mum involves.

This means that some of the things that I should be doing – like washing, hanging, folding the laundry – mopping, vacuuming floors – wiping benches doing dishes – gets sort of left till I can squeeze it in between other Mum things.  Picnics, play dates, reading books, playing hide and seek or tickle monsters are all more important while my little ones are still little and want my attention.

But I am an artist.

I sneak away while my children are playing a game of treasure hunts outside so that I can write this blog post.

I slip into the studio while they are eating breakfast to quickly scratch out that idea for a new piece.

When it gets too hot outside and we spend some time watching a movie together I get time to work my latest pointillism piece from the comfort of the couch.

Organising a crafty session means I can bring out my acrylic paints and we can be artists together.

I know I am stealing time – but hopefully they won’t notice.

And if they do then I hope they realise that I am doing something I love, and that if you find something that brings you joy you don’t have to wait for the perfect time to do it.

Just squeeze the most out of the time you do have.