With less than one month till my birthday I have begun that inevitable self examination of the past year’s accomplishments.
This year is not nearly as bad as previous years, which is a blessing, especially because this birthday is one of those unmentionable “milestone” birthdays.
I am proud to say that I have achieved several of my new year’s resolutions.  I have been actively putting myself and my work out into the public’s eye, exhibiting artwork locally in no less than 5 exhibitions, with two yet to go before the year is out.
Selling some pieces has been an enormously validating experience.  It has shown me that others value my work and given me then encouragement to keep going.
I am still no closer to discovering my “style” but that can perhaps be the next year’s adventure.
For now I am happy to continue “playing”.  I have realised that one of the joys of practising my art is that there are no set rules to follow.
I do know that I enjoy my pointillism work – and it appeals to other people as well.  The below piece is finally finished and will be exhibited later this month as part of the “End is Nigh” exhibition at the Swich Contemporary Art Space in Ipswich.  I think I will continue to develop this style and I already have ideas for new pieces.
Planetary alignment
I had grand plans to create Christmas cards and publish a children’s book but these have been shelved for a little while because my family and I will be moving house in the very near future.
This is another adventure that will mean quite a few changes.  For now it means that my studio space is packed up into boxes so that the room can be presented as a bedroom to any prospective buyers.  While it does not prevent me from doing any new work, in fact my sketch books and pencils have made their way to the dining table, it does mean that my focus is now on packing and tidying and making the move as smooth as possible for my two children.
I still have a few things I want to achieve in the last days of my thirties.  But I am happy in the knowledge that I can sit back and revel in my success even if I don’t manage to finish that piece or start this one.
I have done alright this year, bring on the next one!