I believe that everything happens for a reason but also that things happen because we make them happen. 
One of the things I hoped to gain when I when I first started putting my stuff out there was to meet other artists.  I knew I needed guidance and wanted to develop a network of like-minded people who would give me the encouragement I needed to keep going.
What you put into something ultimately comes back to you…
I joined art clubs, went to exhibition openings, attended workshops, and life drawing sessions all this in search of arty companions.
Being part of the arts community helps you open your eyes to the talent hidden just beneath the surface.  This journey towards becoming, developing into an artist, has seen me meet some of the most amazing, talented, genuine, and accepting people.
Over the past 3 years I have met photographers, painters, sculptures, poets, musicians, songwriters, jewellers, dancers, authors… people who speak through their work… through acrylics, oils, encaustics, words, music… people who use collage, multi-media, photography, fibre in ways I have never seen before.  Artists who inspire me through their work.  People who encourage me to try new things, to push my own creativity.
Every single one of them are so generous and giving of information, of sharing their knowledge or love of a particular skill with others.  Because part of the joy in creating is the joy in sharing that process with someone else.
I am very lucky to have been given the opportunity to work part-time in our local art store and here I have met even more artists.  People who have been working professionally, teaching for years, and others who have just begun to rediscover the magic of making marks.  Some want to broaden their interests in retirement, still others who bring that joy through their work with the elderly or disabled.  And parents, fabulous arty parents, who encourage their little charges to nurture their creative sides.
I am an over-thinker, I fret, and I suffer from self doubt.  I went looking for encouragement and mentors, and I made connections with fellow artists.
Instead of finding what I thought I needed, I found new friends….
PS:  Wordpress has just informed me that I have been blogging for 1 whole year! Go me!
PPS: On Friday night I was MC at a Solo Exhibition.
A first ever solo exhibition for my lovely and talented friend Rachel Brennan (www.http://rachelbrennanartblog.wordpress.com/) Go check out her stuff!