So today marks the end of an amazing experience – “Echoes; repeating patterns” my exhibition, at the Ipswich Art Gallery has closed and I am due to collect the works this next week.
I have been doing a bit of soul searching again, because, shock horror, the end of the year is closing in on us (where did the last 6 months bugger off to?) and I am doing the whole reevaluation thing, again.  Yes, my birthday is just round the corner again.
Some of my thoughts have tended towards what direction my arts practice will take.
The inevitible “whats next” that comes after a large project finishes.
Another solo exhibition is definitely on the cards for next year.  I have developed an interest in gates – there are some gorgeous examples around town and several are screaming at me to be immortalised in pointillism.
Colour is another thing I will be working with next year.  The 12 pieces for “Echoes” were all done in black on white.  A lot of people have suggested that some may look good in colour – whilst I love the black and white theme I also agree that adding colour to my work adds an extra dimension.
Outside of that, my jewellery and copper wire will get a look in too.  I have loved the tactile work of the wire and how a finished piece looks.  I think I enjoy the immediacy of creating the piece too. I can see and feel it come to life in a few minutes.
Also some professional development ideas being thrown around – working out what I want from my arts practise, updating webpages/blogs/media.
2017 is shaping up to be another big year.
Can’t wait!