It has been a very busy few months in my house.
I have been working in a day job for what feels like, forever, a very long time, but in actual fact has only been about 3 months.
I have found the transition from stay-at-home-mum to working-mum to be an interesting exercise for me personally.  In between getting normal houseworky stuff done (which, let’s face it, has never been a huge priority) and looking after and feeding kids, and doing artwork I find that there is little time in the day to do much else.  I am constantly juggling which hat I need to wear, and when – it can mean that I am four different people all in the space of a few hours.
And that is why this blog has just sat for a while.
However, the end of the year always brings a touch of urgency to me – a list of accomplishments tallied against the list of goals, each marked off and either postponed to next year or counted as a win.
Last year I gave myself  the words “Change” and “Purpose” for my focus.
I also had a major goal of my first solo exhibition.   (Which was awesome and I felt like a freaking superstar for the night!)
This coming year, 2016, is still a bit of a mystery to me in what I want from it – I am not sure what to ask the universe for …
In the mean time, I will begin with a small list of goals.
I am already planning some new fabulous work, and I would love to have another solo exhibition.
If all goes to plan, at this stage I will have artwork in exhibitions each month right up to April.
The first of which is a group exhibition curated by the Ipswich Art Gallery team.  I am among 18 artists whose work was selected for the “People-Place” exhibition in January.  It’s pretty exciting to be selected again to exhibit amongst some amazing talent.
I have created 2 new works based on my interpretation of the theme “People-place”.
Limestone Street
This is a large Pointillism piece – in colour!! Titled “Limestone Street” after the street in which this gorgeous old building stands.
The second one is about the same size as the door – but a stained glass window design based on the native Australian bluebell Whalenbergia stricta which featured in my solo exhibition.
As it is still a work in progress I have just included a sneak peek of the detail here:
Bluebell - Work in Progress- Detail
Remember how I said change was one of my words – I think I kind of like the colours….
Anyway – I have better go put my maid’s hat on and fold some laundry so that I can actually get to the couch and put on my artist’s hat 🙂